Can Dogs Have Cinnamon?

Can Dogs Have Cinnamon?

Is your dog begging for a piece of cinnamon muffins? Has she really put her paws into the spices cabinet? If that’s the case, you’ve undoubtedly asked, maybe anxiously, if dogs could consume cinnamon. We understand that some human foods, such as chocolates and grapes, are poisonous to dogs, so it’s only natural that we must be concerned about types of food and spice such as cinnamon.

Can a dog eat cinnamon?

Cinnamon isn’t really poisonous to dogs, which is great news. The dog would not die if he eats quite so much cinnamon, but that doesn’t indicate you must sprinkle it all on his food. Cinnamon oils and cinnamon, according to some specialists, could cause skin and stomach discomfort and sensitivity in both people and pets, particularly if taken in high amounts. There are several edible cinnamon products. Consuming cinnamon powder could indeed end up causing your dog to choke, cough, and breathing difficulties.

So yes, dogs can eat cinnamon, but you should be careful about the quantity. Most researches and experiments prove that more than one teaspoon of cinnamon can be dangerous for the health of dogs. Although, it depends upon the health conditions and on the immunity level of your dog a well. 

Cinnamon’s Health Advantages:

Cinnamon has a variety of health advantages, yet these claims have yet to be verified completely. As thrilling as this is for all of us who love cinnamon and are looking for a reason to eat so much of it, we must be cautious about applying the same logic to the dogs. Whenever you wish to offer cinnamon to the dog as a vitamin, consult the vet regarding the possible dangers and advantages. In the meanwhile, look into alternative vitamins that have been shown to assist your dog. In short, dogs can consume tiny amounts of cinnamon, but it is neither required nor encouraged.

Cinnamon and Nutmeg:

Although cinnamon isn’t really poisonous to dogs, nutmeg, another popular cooking spice, could be. In dishes, cinnamon and nutmeg are frequently combined, and nutmeg includes toxic ingredients. Sensations, fast heartbeat, confusion, hypertension, stomach pain, dry throat, and sometimes even seizure are all possible side effects of these toxic ingredients. Such effects might continue for 48 hours; however, the good news is that it requires a lot of nutmeg to make a dog sick. In general, the minimal amount used during baking items is secure. But, if the dog ingests a large amount of nutmeg accidentally, contact your vet immediately and keep a check on her.

Can a dog eat things baked in cinnamon?

A tiny quantity of cinnamon, such as that found in most baked items, will not harm the dog. Giving dog baked products, on the other hand, is not always a smart option. Overweight, hypertension and problems like pancreatitis can all be caused by foods heavy in fats, cholesterol, and excessive calories. Several baked items could include xylitol, a highly hazardous carbohydrate. When you do decide to give your dog cinnamon-flavored baked products, just feed little amounts on a quite occasional basis, and make absolutely sure they don’t include any other potentially toxic or hazardous components.