Brett – Travel Representative Puppy’s

Brett – Travel Representative Puppy's


Having raised our own puppies for decades, we know what it takes to care for them well. We only work with breeders who share our passion for puppies and our commitment to our puppy families. We handle every detail in the process from helping you find the right puppy for your family to selecting an appropriate travel option. We also continue care and communication from Puppies R Us because when you receive a puppy from us, we become part of your puppy family. Your trust in Puppy R Us’ customer service and communication experts will be earned every step of the way. At our puppy farm, we aim to make puppy-getting a fun and exciting experience. As a wise man once said, “Life is about creating meaningful memories.” We look forward to helping you and the people you cherish create those memories together.

Brett – Travel Representative

AI feels extremely lucky to be part of this amazing When I’m not working on accommodations to bring your puppies home safely and on time, I enjoy spending time with my son and wife. The opportunity to be able to do this has been amazing for me as an animal lover and someone who enjoys tinkering with technology. I am happy to answer any questions you have about bringing your new family member home, and look forward to working with each of you

Puppy Care/Training

I have the pleasure of working for an amazing company doing what I love, caring for precious four-legged fur babies! I have worked with breeders, trainers, and exhibitors across the country for the past 10 years. In the future, I plan to obtain my veterinarian technician’s degree, as I enjoy dealing closely with the veterinary healthcare industry. I am grateful for the opportunity to spend my workday making sure that you have a happy, healthy and happy addition to your family! We have Golden Retrievers, beagles and huskies for sale. The most faithful faithful companion I have is a cute husky named Koran. Providing a safe, loving, and healthy environment for our puppies is one of my favorite things about working at Puppy R Us. Bringing puppies to their new families and bringing puppies to their new homes are two of my favorite things to do.