Do Dogs Get Headaches?

Do Dogs Get Headaches?

Many dog owners have this question in their mind that do dogs get headaches or not. If you have a dog too and you often think about it, then the answer is yes. Many studies and researches say that dogs also get a headache like humans. As there are so many similarities between dogs and humans, headache is one of these similarities as well. Many things can cause headaches in dogs, and you can easily know these things. There are many reasons behind the headache of dogs, and you can read these reasons in the below blog:

Extreme Physical Activity:

Headache in dogs could be caused by excessive physical exercise. Whenever your dog plays hard or runs around for an extended time period, their bodies may warm-up, resulting in a headache. If you like to save your dog from headaches, stop your dog from extreme physical activities. Physical activities are good for dogs but if your dog is running or playing too much than the normal routine, stop your dog from doing so. Many people think that more physical activities are more beneficial for dogs, but they are wrong as extreme physical activity can cause headaches in your dog. 


Because dogs face various types of stress than humans, a headache can be caused by a variety of factors. Loud sounds, flashing lights, outsiders, and new locations are just a few of the things that might make your pet feel uneasy and angry. As all these things can cause stress in dogs and stress can be a cause of headaches in dogs, you need to save your dog from all these issues and things. Also, when you are not giving proper time and proper attention to your dog, it can also cause stress in the dog. 

Flu or cold:

Whenever we get flu or cold, we would like to sleep around all day to avoid the terrible headache which normally comes. Dogs are in the same position. Whenever our beloved pets are unwell, they may sneeze frequently or become tired; these are all symptoms that your dog is suffering from headaches. So, if you don’t want your dog to suffer from a headache, you need to treat the flu or cold of your dog immediately and visit your vet to give proper medicines to your dog. Hence, flu or cold can also cause headaches in your dog.

Getting too hot:

If dogs really aren’t properly hydrated whenever the weather becomes too warm, they might be suffering from heatstroke. In terms of the risk of extra heating, dogs may experience terrible headaches as a result of the hot weather. Take your dog indoors if you see signs like sweating, dry mouth, growling, vomit, or a rise in a heartbeat. So, too much hot weather can also cause headaches in dogs and if you want to save your dog from headaches, never leave your dog outside the house when the weather is too hot.

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Many people want to know do dogs get a headache or not; the answer is yes. Dogs also get a headache like humans, and you can read the reasons for headaches in dogs in the above blog.